Diabetic Footwear Solutions

Diabetic foot problems can manifest in a variety of ways, with the most traumatic being ulceration or a collapse of the bone structure. Other problems can include neuropathic pain such as burning, tingling and numbness. Circulation in the foot is often diminished, leading to slow healing times.

Our pedorthic staff has years of experience in caring for our customers with diabetic foot problems. We are happy to help with your doctor’s prescription or referral and can explain when or if insurance would apply.

Most diabetic foot problems can be helped or avoided with proper footwear and/or proper inserts or supports. Our staff is highly trained, certified and licensed to fit diabetic footwear. PREVENTION IS KEY!

If you have diabetes and want to be sure you are doing the right thing with footwear, please stop in for a free consultation.

In order to qualify for insurance submission for diabetic footwear, you must first obtain the following:

Qualifying for Diabetic Footwear

Have a thorough foot examination performed by the doctor managing your diabetes.

Get a copy of the doctor’s notes from this evaluation. These notes must contain specific information concerning any foot complications you are experiencing due to the diabetes-i.e. ulceration, amputation, callusing, etc.
*Please note-Neuropathy is NOT a qualifying condition*

The Statement of Certifying Physician Form filled out completely, signed, and dated by the doctor managing your diabetes which cross references the foot complications detailed in notes from above.

Bring in your Medicare and supplemental insurance cards along with photo identification.

Once you have all of this information, you must call to make an appointment with one of our pedorthists for a fitting. Some insurance companies such as Health Alliance also require preauthorization before we can dispense the shoes and/or inserts.  If that is the case with your insurance, you may have to set up a return appointment to get the shoes.