Treatment Options for Developmental Flat Feet

Microsoft PowerPoint - Pediatric Practice Management.ppt [CompatKey Orthotic Features

  • 30mm Heel Cup Depth
  • Deep Medial and Lateral Flanges
  • Medial Rearfoot Posting
  • Medial Skive

Designed to Improve

  • Coordination
  • Pain
  • Foot Alignment
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Strength
Treatment Options for Idiopathic Toe-In Gait

littleSTEPST® Gait Plates are the first semi-rigid prefabricated orthoses that effectively limit in-toeing gait caused by rotational deformities of the lower limb. Left untreated toe-in gait may impair proper development of the lower limb and lead to permanent structural, strength, balance, and coordination deficits.

littleSTEPS® Gait Plates work by utilizing a semi-regid shell that extends laterally beyond metatarsal heads 4 & 5 to effectively alter the break of the ball of the foot during propulsion to encourage out-toeing of the limb at the hip. The littleSTEPS® Gait Plate further addresses the foot pronation associated with in-toe gait by incorporating the features of a functional foot orthotic (deep heel cup, medial rear foot, posting and skive) to control subtalar joint pronation during contact and mid stance phases of gait.

littleSTEPS® Gait Plates are available in 2 models

  • Toe-in Gait Plate – long lateral extension (promotes out-toeing)
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  • Toe-out Gate Plate –  long medial extension (promotes in-toeing)
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